Music Video Of The Week: Human (Like The Rest Of Us) by Trapt

Posted: September 4, 2015 in Music Video Of The Week
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When most people think about the band Trapt, Headstrong, the band’s 2002 breakthrough song comes to mind. Little do those folks know that Trapt has a whole catalog of great material from their 13 year career including our featured music video of the week. The band is gearing up to release their new record DNA in October and to help with the time, the band has unleashed the music video for their latest track Human (Like The Rest Of Us). The music video features the band performing on a post apocalyptic Mad Max wasteland while humans are being enslaved by an alien race. All of the humans that are slaves are of all different races and sexes and as soon as they get along, things start t change for the better for the humans. Chris Taylor Brown, the band’s singer, talked about the video saying, “We are all bound by the emotions that we as humans are capable of feeling. When we numb ourselves, because the pain is too great, we are no longer human. To be imperfect, to be emotional is human. Your emotions guide you. Listen to them. They will allow you to feel empathy towards others and others to feel you. Only if you allow it. Open up and FEEL! Do not be afraid. The only way we can come together as one HUMAN RACE is through understanding each other. The only way to understand is to FEEL, even when it hurts the most. When you are hurting the most, others will feel it too. They will help you, as you do them. #Humanaboveall.” Check out the video below and you can download the track right now on iTunes.


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