Cheerleader CampThere are some things that we absolutely love when it come to deciding what to cover for Cheeseball Cinema with those being Horror, Cheerleaders, Slumber Parties, and Sororities. We’ve covered our fair share of those things and I thought I had done it all until I stumbled upon one on Youtube. Today’s Cheeseball Cinema film is called Cheerleader Camp (or Bloody Pom Poms) which stars Betsy Russell (Saw III) as a cheerleader with some serious issues. All Alison (Russell) wants is to have a great time at cheerleader camp with her fellow teammates and her boyfriend Brent (Leif Garrett). Things start to immediately go wrong for her as she starts having nightmares that seem all too real and one by one the cheerleaders are being killed off by a mysterious killer. The film also stars Lucinda Dickey (Ninja III: The Domination) as Cory, George “Buck” Flower (They Live) as Pop, Lorie Griffin (Teen Wolf) as Bonnie, Travis McKenna (Road House) as Tommy, Teri Weigel (Marked For Death) as Pamela, Rebecca Ferratti (iThree Amigos!) as Theresa, Vickie Benson (Private Resort) as Miss Tipton, Krista Pflanzer (Electric Blue 42) as Suzy, Jeff Prettyman (Gone Fishin) as Sheriff Poucher, and the film was directed by John Quinn (Beach Movie).

Krista Pflanzer, Teri Weigel, and Vickie Benson

Krista Pflanzer, Teri Weigel, and Vickie Benson

There is a reason why this film is a b-movie horror film and little known to most people. As far as I am concerned, the film is a little all over the place for most of the film, but in the end it all will make perfect sense. The fun of these films is trying to figure out exactly who the killer is and for the most part it makes little sense due to the writing. Alison has bad dreams which make you believe that there is a possibility that she is the killer, but then that doesn’t make sense due to where she is during some of the murders. Could it be Pop (Flowers) that is the killer? Then you get towards the end of the film and they present Leif Garrett’s character as the possible killer, but the motive is a little off until you finally see who the real killer is. That is when the film gets clever is right at the end of the film because the motive is finally there. The only other problem that I had with the film was that there were not enough slayings until you get towards the end of the film. One thing that some fans should enjoy is that there is some T&A that you all can enjoy in the first half of the film as the incredible sexy Teri Weigel, Krista Pflanzer, and Vickie Benson bare all for the fans. The acting wasn’t that bad and you may recognize Betsy Russell who enjoyed a lot of fame as the wife of the Jigsaw killer in Saw. She made a lot of films like this one back int he 1980’s so you may see more of these later on. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am going to give the film a 3 for a final grade.


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