The Monster SquadThere are very few times where I go onto Netflix and I get super excited about wanting to watch a movie and the other day I noticed they had added a favorite of mine from the 1980’s. The other day I noticed that they added The Monster Squad, a film that came out in 1987 So I decided to watch it and review for Cheeseball Cinema. A group of kids led by their fearless leader Sean (Andre Gower) are obsessed with monsters and various horror films that they have their own club. Well one day, Dracula (Duncan Regehr) gets dropped into their little town and he is looking for a book that was written by Van Helsing (Jack Gwillim). You see the book provides a way for whoever possess it to destroy Dracula and his various monsters by having an amulet and a virgin read one of the spells or rituals. It just so happens that Sean possess that very book and so Dracula is on the hunt and it’s up to Sean and his Monster Squad to get the job done because no one else believes them. The film also stars Robby Kiger (Children Of The Corn) as Patrick, Stephen Macht (Stephen King’s Graveyard Shift) as Del, Tom Noonan (Last Action Hero) as Frankenstein’s Monster, Brent Chalem (Moving Violations) as Horace (The Fat Kid), Ryan Lambert (Freeze Frame) as Rudy, Ashley Bank (The Haunted) as Phoebe, Jason Hervey (The Wonder Years) as E.J., and the film was directed by Fred Dekker (RoboCop 3).

monster squad 2This was definitely one of my favorite films, but at the same time there is a lot of things about the movie that was a little cheesy. We could go on and on about how many goofs there were in this film like the obvious flying bats around Dracula that are clearly being done by puppeteers. There’s the scenes where there is dialogue, but nobody’s lips or are moving or the error where they call the monster Frankenstein even though they identified him earlier in the film as Frankenstein’s Monster. I do however love the ode to the original classic where Frankenstein’s Monster approaches Phoebe who is picking flowers by the lake. That was a very nice touch to the film that also has some dark tones to it as well. The film back in it’s time was rated PG-13 and rightfully so, but how many kids went to see this and didn’t realize all of the adult tones to it. For example, Sean’s parents are going through some troubles and they talk about divorce with their son or the fact that she has her bags packed and ready to go in one scene. How bout the fact that Dracula throws dynamite into the clubhouse and literally tells Sean’s father Del that he is going to kill his son. To top that off, he picks up little Phoebe and tells her, “give me the amulet you bitch.” That is some pretty heavy stuff for such a film. No matter what as I said, I really love this film and all that makes it as cheesy and fun as the 80’s were. This film is proof of what was great about the 80’s more than any other decade in my opinion. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am giving this film a 2 for a final grade.


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