Jim BreuerFor today’s Tuesday Stand Up, I wanted to dig back in the vaults for a comedy special that I loved from a comedian I have always enjoyed listening to. I also wanted to watch the special because it was done by Epix and who knows how long the Epix stand Up specials will stay with Netfix considering the new deal with Hulu. The special I chose is from another guy I consider the heavy metal comedian in the legendary Jim Breuer. Jim Breuer made his mark in the comedy world back int he 90’s starring in films like Half Baked, Dick, and as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Jim returned in 2013 with his Epix stand up special Jim Breuer: And Laughter For All which reminds me of Metallica’s …And Justice For All. In the special, Jim tackles every kind of issue a man has having to shed the years of being Goat Boy or the stoner to everyday middle aged stuff in such topics as being old vs being young, going to events, being a metal fan, the Wiggles, Ozzy as a GPS, Slayer fans, kids and cell phones, dating, The Breuer look, reasoning with kids, being attacked by an ostrich at a free safari, his impressions and where it started, and so much more.

jim b2Jim Breuer has always been one of my favorites and very unique because of the various impressions he can do and the in your face style of comedy he has. It’s almost like being at a heavy metal concert and he tries to teach everyone some sense Breuer style. I feel like the true test of a great comedian and his comedy special is that no matter how many times you watch the special, it still cracks you up every time. I laugh harder every time I watch this special especially at the part where he talks about his kids or the time he took them to the free safari in New Jersey as long as you had a can of Pepsi. The fact that Baboons and ostriches attacked him and the way he explains it cracks me up every single time that I hear it. I don’t know what is going exactly when it comes to the deal between Epix and Hulu and what that means for Netflix, but if you want to watch this special, I suggest you do so before it gets taken off. I am going to give this comedy special an A for a final grade.


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