Prom Night IIIWe continue to explore the world of horror movies because they are plenty of cheesy horror films and October is right around the corner which means Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween is coming right up. For today’s Cheeseball Cinema film, I chose to watch and review the third film in the Prom Night series in Prom Night III: The Last Kiss. Alex Grey (Tim Conlon) is your everyday normal kidd, but the problem is that he is an underachiever in just about everything in his life. I mean, he’s not a complete waste of space because he has a loving girlfriend Sarah (Cynthia Preston) and an equally underachieving best friend named Shane (David Stratton). Well, Alex’s luck is about to change because the spirit of Mary Lou Maloney (Courtney Taylor) escapes hell and hypnotizes Alex to help her with her killing while taking over his life. The film also stars Dylan Neal (50 Shades Of Grey) as Andrew, Jeremy Ratchford (Unforgiven) as Leonard, Roger Dunn (Police Academy) as Mr. Weatherall, George Chuvalo (The Fly) as Mr. Walker, Lesley Kelly (Graveyard Shift) as Miss Richards, London Juno (Parents) as Leah Grey, and the film was directed by Ron Oliver (Are You Afraid Of The Dark) and Peter R. Simpson (Prom Night II).

Courtney TaylorThis film was one of those that could have been a part Troma production with the type of humor that was involved in this film (Don’t worry I’ll explain). It had that Troma style to it where there’s a teacher with an absurd name who is leaving to take an absolute absurd job or the sex education moment in the film is very Troma like. Anyways there are plenty of cheese filled moments in this film to drive you nuts, but that is why we watch these films in the first plae. One thing that I do have to say befoe I go any further is that I do love the ideas for the kills that this film has. Some of them are pretty unique and kind of cool in that it’s a little different. If you are looking for some T&A, you’ll have to settle for a covered up Mary Lou for the most part, you get a little tease of side boob, but that is it. The story is OK, it moves along, but it could have been a little bit better. Out of all the actors in the film, Courtney Taylor (Mary Lou) was definitely the star of the show, she impressed me the most out of everyone. I definitely want to go back and watch the second Prom Night film and you never know I might do a review for it here or on Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween. The film is super rare and available on Youtube, if you desire to watch this at all. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time I am going to give this one a 3.3 for a final grade.


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