Music Video Of The Week: From The Pinnacle To The Pit by Ghost

Posted: September 17, 2015 in Music Video Of The Week
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ghost 2Everyone’s favorite Satanic rock band is back with a brand new video for the song From The Pinnacle To The Pit which is a track that is about the fall of Satan from Heaven to hell. The track is the second single from the bands third album Meliora and it’s definitely one of my favorites on the record. The band was able to connect it’s third album with horror in the fact that the artwork for this single paid tribute to King Kong while Cirice paid tribute to The Silence Of The Lambs. While the music video for Cirice did the same as well, the newest video for this track pays tribute to Metropolis and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The video is actually pretty cool as it starts with a boy who is sent to the principle’s office where the principle shows him how o harness the power of God. After he accomplishes everything, he begins to hate who he is and what he has become so he revolts and eventually becomes Papa Emeritus III. The band truly makes watching music videos fun again as it has a story to go with the music. Check out the video below and enjoy!!!


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