I love movies that actually take the time to create a fake band with real songs for their film to make it feel more authentic. We saw that last week with Steel Dragon and now we get that with the straight to video film Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal. Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal was the third film int he Turbulence series and this time it took on a different direction than the previous three films. Slade Craven (played by John Mann) is a famous metal musician with a lot of haters, but it doesn’t phase him as he prepares to play his final show on board an Airplane for the world to see. The only problem is that the plane is then taken over by terrorists and a very deranged man. One of the cool things about the film is that Slade Craven manages to perform one song which is also our featured song for today called Gun Love. The song is pretty cool as it has that Industrial rock feel to it similar to bands like Skinny Puppy, Ministry, and so many more. The film also stars Rutger Hauer, Craig Sheffer, Joe Mantegna, Gabrielle Anwar, and so many more. Check out the track below:


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