The other day I turned on my television and decided to watch an early Michael Keaton film that also starred Christopher Lloyd, Peter Boyle, and Stephen Furst all as mental patients in the film The Dream Team. The patients doctor convinces the hospital to allow him to take the patients to a Yankees game as a field trip. While the bus is stopped, the doctor ends up getting shot leaving the patients on their own in the city to fend for themselves a they try to save the doc from the guys who shot him. Well, during the end credits there is a different version of Hit The Road Jack which was originally done by Percy Mayfield. The new version is sung by Buster Poindexter which is basically the alter ego of New York Dolls frontman David Johansen. Johansen basically adds his own flavor to the song making it more of a lounge music track. Now I am not sure which came first as it pertains to the song, the film, and the album that it appears on which is Buster Goes Berserk. Nevertheless, I have the song for you right here so check it out below and check out the film too cause it’s funny.


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