Tuesday Stand Up: Tom Papa: Freaked Out (2013)

Posted: September 29, 2015 in Stand Up Special Review
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freaked outBefore we dive head first into October and all the fun that is going to bring us with the Halloween related stuff, I wanted to bring to you guys the very last Tuesday Stand Up special until the month of November. I am a really huge fan of comedian Tom Papa (The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto) and everything he brings to the table with his comedy it. So, it’s only fitting that Epix (which is another favorite of mine) presents to all of us, his comedy special from 2013 entitled Tom Papa: Freaked Out. The stand up comedy special was directed by metal maestro/filmmaker Rob Zombie (the man of many talents) and it’s actually Tom’s very first stand up special with Epix. In the special he tackles everything from the Chinese, gay friends, the post office, loose change, NASA, the economy, drinking, kids, parenting differences in the sexes, girls vs boys, technology, church, dance recitals, lady kung fu and so much more.

tom papaIf you have ever seen a music video that was directed by Rob Zombie, then you will instantly recognize the opening sequence as his cinematography work cause it reeks of his name. Besides that, Tom Papa is one of the most hilarious guys on the planet who hits on all cylinders. He has a little bit of everything for everyone whether you are married or not and that is what appeals to me the most about him. Yea, he goes on to talk about his kids, but he says some pretty funny stuff as well like his thing on why he doesn’t like the Chinese. He has a point with most of his ratings like getting rid of the Post Office, we can send text messages and emails right from our phones, do we really need to send someone a hand written letter? You have to check out his joke on an experience he had when he brought his daughter to church because it is absolutely hilarious and at the end he makes a really great point. The stage setup he has for this show is pretty cool and he has dancers in the beginning as he comes out looking like a rock star. This is definitely worth checking out if you have the time and Netflix. I am giving the special an A for a final grade.


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