There are so many bands in the world, but none of them better represented the spirit of Horror and Halloween than Metal Blade Recording artist GWAR. Dave Brockie who was known by many of his fans as Oderus Urungus, brought all of that to the forefront when it came to GWAR and that is why I chose one of their videos for the Music Video Of The Week. We are celebrating everything that is great about Halloween here on Moshpits & Movies and to help kick off all of the Halloween/Horror related posts, we chose Zombies, March! which was from GWAR’s 2010 album Bloody Pit Of Horror. The video itself was directed by Fangoria director Dave McKendry and features a balance of the band performing with Zombies taking over the city. It’s absolutely awesome as the zombie apocalypse occurs taking out everyone in sight from sorority sisters to a couple of bros hanging out getting high and so much more. The video has some unique parts in it like a man getting his manhood eaten by a zombie stripper or a dead fetus that comes back to attack the doctor. The video has it all so check it out below:


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