45-DaybreakAs you can see throughout the whole blog, every post is going to be Halloween related as we are in observance of the great holiday and that is exactly what we did for your very first Soundtrack Saturday post for October. The first track we picked for all of you may shock some of you because it is by Harry Nilsson. Nilsson was a legendary musician and Hollywood Vampires member who starred and wrote music for the film Son Of Dracula which was a British musical comedy directed by Freddie Francis for Apple Films. The only original song that was specifically written for the soundtrack was the song Daybreak which featured Nilsson on vocals and piano, Peter Frampton on guitar, George Harrison and Ray Cooper on percussion, Klaus Voorman on Bass, Ringo Starr on Drums, and more. It’s a pop like song that you would expect to hear in a musical, but it’s just cool to see all of the names that appear on the song, soundtrack, and in the film. The late John Bonham of Le Zeppelin appears int he film in Harry Nilsson’s band. Check out the track below and check out the movie if you can find it.


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