The prophecyIn the horror genre, religion had always played a big part whether it be films about possessions and exorcisms to the idea of a haunting spirit that is devilish in nature and even films about the antichrist. In 1995, First Look International released a new kind of take on religion as The Prophecy focused on the war between the angels. Elias Koteas (Gattaca) plays Thomas Dagget, a man who once tried to be a priest, but after losing a little faith became a police officer instead. One day after an encounter with an angel named Simon (Eric Stoltz), his knowledge and faith will be once again tested when he realizes that he is now in the middle of a war between the angels as Gabriel (Christopher Walken) is here to collect on a soul that is so evil that it could win the war for him. The other problem is that Simon hid the soul in a little girl and now it’s up to Thomas to try and protect her from Gabriel. The film also stars Virginia Madsen (Candyman) as Katherine, Viggo Mortensen (Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III) as Lucifer, Amanda Plummer (Pulp Fiction) as Rachel, Adam Goldberg (Dazed And Confused) as Jerry, Moriah Shining Dove Snyder (The Brady Bunch Movie) as Mary, Steve Hytner (Face/OfGregory Widenf) as Joseph, and the film was directed by Gregory Widen (Backdraft).

prophecyOne thing that I have to say about this film is that it does contain some incredible imagery within it like one vision that Thomas and Katherine are given during the film of the war and it’s casualties in Heaven. Some of you may be wondering how Christopher Walken did as the archangel Gabriel and if you know Walken then you obviously know what to expect. He was definitely cunning, witty, and he has that swagger he has had for a long time now. One thing that I do have to say is that Viggo Mortensen’s performance is Shakespearean like as he portrayed the fallen angel known as Lucifer who has a stake in the war. Viggo portrayed Lucifer to a T where he is sly, elusive, and deceiving where he can sway you into making the wrong choice which was amazing. The acting overall in the film was pretty good as you got the performances you wanted and expected from the stars in the film. Some of the scenic shots were pretty cool as well as the overall cinematography. Even though the 90’s were criticized for now being a great decade for horror, it definitely had it’s own distinct look and feel that was different from others. You can truly find a lot of gems in the horror genre from the 90’s and I would have to consider this one of them because it was different from what was being put out at the time. I really liked the film and I think everyone should give this one a shot as it’ available to watch right now on Netflix. I am going to give this film an B+ for a final grade.


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