As you’ll notice here on Moshpits and Movies is that for the month of October, we are in observance of the great holiday of Halloween. That means that every post is going to be horror or Halloween related and today’s Single of the Week is the first one. Back in 1998, Nu Metal giants Korn released their breakthrough album Follow The Leader that shot them to super stardom. There was always one song on the record that every time I listened to it, it made me think of something that would be in a Horror film. The name of the track was Dead Bodies Everywhere and while it may never have been released as a single back in the day, it is still one of the heaviest tracks on that album. The lyrics deal more with a teenage to parent nature where sometimes we are helpless to live up to their expectations, but when you listen to it, it could reflect a certain horror icon. If you take what Rob Zombie created with his version of Halloween, he was constantly treated like a freak and a person who wouldn’t amount to anything. This song could represent that version of Michael Myers, but you be the judge of that. Check out the track below:


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