samhain 3As you all know we are deep into our observance of the great holiday of Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve as I like to refer to it which means that all posts in October are Halloween related. In the past, I covered albums from Glenn Danzig including one from his solo band and one from the Misfits. It would be silly to do one of these and not include the band he started after he left the Misfits that would eventually turn into Danzig in the band Samhain. In 1986, Samhain would release their second album entitled Samhain III: November-Coming Fire (Via Glenn’s label Plan 9) that James Hetfield of Metallica considers one of his top ten favorite albums of all time. The album featured Glenn doing vocals as well as keyboards and drums on some of the tracks as well as Eerie Von (Bass), Pete “Damien” Marshall (Guitars), and London May (Drums). As you can see in the album cover, there’s the famous Danzig skull that would appear on later Danzig records. The album is often stylized as Deathrock, but it’s a very influential horror punk record that influenced a lot of thrash metal bands as well.

samhain_november-coming-fire_back1. Diabolos 88– right from the start on this instrumental track it has a very goth rock dance feel to it in the beginning and throughout. It reminds me of bands like Bauhaus and what they did and it belongs in a horror film 4/5

2. In My Grip– This song brings back that punk fury that we were all used to from Danzig where it’s hard charging and in your face in a track that I think is about relationships. 4/5

3. Mother Of Mercy– A cool rock track with a real stompin’ riff in a track that I always thought was about a dominatrix. 4/5

4. Birthright– An evil sounding track right from the get go with a metal feel to it that reminds me of Diamond Head. 4/5

5. To Walk The Night– We all know Glenn was a huge fan of the 50’s and this song has that 50’s oldies feel to it, but he gothed it up a little in a track that reminds me of a lonely vampire. 4/5

samhain-november-coming-fire-3038226. Let the Day Begin– a return too that punk/rock sound like in some previous tracks and this is one of my favs and it has melody to it. 5/5

7. Halloween II– A base heavy track that is one of the more famous tracks and a fitting track for the amazing holiday that is Halloween. 5/5

8. November’s Fire– Here is the title track for you guys with that 80’s punk feel to it. This is definitely another highlight of the record in my opinion. 5/5

9. Kiss Of Steel– A track that wastes no time getting right in your face in a track that I think is about owning a Chevy with balls and loving the fast lane. 4/5

10. Unbridled– a track that starts with a really cool drum riff before the guitars come in with the speed like playing in a track that could be about not being satisfied so you turn up the notch on everything you do. 4/5

11. Human Pony Girl– a punk track with a cool bass line about dominating a woman sexually. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– When you listen to this record you can hear early hints of his later work in some of the tracks cause it’s present in his songwriting. When I first started listening to Glenn, I was introduced to his solo work and Samhain which I have always been fond of. This is an amazing record that registers at 28 minutes in length so I say give it a shot. I am giving the record four stars out of five for a final grade.


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