invisble manEvery year since I started this, I have tried covering as many of he Universal Monster movies as I possibly can like The Mummy, Dracula, and even The Bride Of Frankenstein. So, it’s only natural that I felt the need to cover another film and I chose The Invisible Man which was a story by H.G. Wells and it was directed by James Whale (Frankenstein). The story follows Dr. Jack Griffin (Claude Rains), a scientist so obsessed with the idea of fame that he wanted to discover a way to make himself invisible. The experiment was a success for Dr. Griffin, but the only problem is that it has left him permanently invisible and he has gone mad due to a side effect of one of the ingredients. As he becomes more unhinged, he begins to murder people and soon the police are on the look out for him while he tries to find the antidote. The film also stars Gloria Stuart (Titanic) as Flora, William Harrigan (G Men) as Dr. Kemp, Henry Travers (Shadow Of A Doubt) as D. Cranley, Una O’Connor (The Bride Of Frankenstein) as Jenny Hall, Forrester Harvey (Rebecca) as Herbert Hall, Holmes Herbert (Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde) as Chief Of Police, E.E. Clive (Pride And Prejudice) as Constable Jaffers, Dudley Digges (The Maltese Falcon) as Chief Detective, and many more.

the invisible manWhen I was looking up all the actors for this film, it was so weird and cool to see that Gloria Stuart was both in this film and Titanic some 60 years later. This film is definitely one of the best made films of all the monster movies where the story is perfect, the acting, to even the special effects for a film that was released in 1933. While the film isn’t necessarily scary to what today’s standards are, it’s still a brilliant film for its time and the idea of the character still lives on today. There is a reason why the Universal Monsters are so iconic and have stood the test of time and different variations with all the different films that have come out since their original releases.  Claude Rains was an amazing actor who brought new wit and charm to his role of the Invisible Man and it should be no surprise with the catalog that he has behind him. One of the cool things that I would love to know is how they were able to have him literally disappear on screen while taking off the bandages because it was 1933 after all. Some of the other scenes where it’s just the shirt flying around, I can see how they did that. I do have to say though that Una O’Connor’s character annoyed the hell out of me as she is always screaming and her voice is just so annoying in the film. Nevertheless, I think all of you should definitely take the time to check this one out cause ti ranks up there with The Creature From The Black Lagoon in my opinion. I am going to give this film an A for a final grade.


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