rosemary's babyWhen you think of director Roman Polanski, you may think of several unflattering things, but when I think of him I think of two things and that is Sharon Tate and Rosemary’s Baby. For today’s Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween film, we chose the Polanski classic Rosemary’s Baby which starred Mia Farrow as the title character Rosemary Woodhouse. In the film, Rosemary along with her husband Guy Woodhouse (John Cassavetes) move into a new apartment with some pretty interesting characters in the building. After a while, it’s not only the neighbors that are a little weird, but strange occurrences start to happen in the building and Rosemary becomes mysteriously pregnant. Rosemary then starts to believe that her child is in danger as paranoia starts to sink in as she tries to protect her unborn child. The film also stars Ruth Gordon (Harold And Maude) as Minnie Castevet, Sidney Blackmer (Little Caesar) as Roman Castevet, Maurice Evans (Planet Of The Apes) as Hutch, Ralph Bellamy (His Girl Friday) as Dr. Sapirstein, Victoria Vetri (When Dinosaurs Rules The Earth) as Terry, Patsy Kelly (The Naked Kiss) as Laura-Louise, Charles Grodin (Midnight Run) as Dr. Hill, and Phil Leeds (Ghost) as Dr. Shand.

rosemarys babyThere is a reason why in the beginning you see the title card say Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby because she is truly the star of the film. She absolutely stole the show and she does such a fantastic job in this film especially when she conveys us to that world of paranoia that she is stuck in when she’s in that building. It is truly an iconic role for Mia Farrow and I’m glad she was the one that took on this risque role especially in a time where religion was still an important thing in society. There is a scene in the film where she is raped by the devious one himself Satan as she wonders if it’s real or a dream. Everyone by the way in this film are truly fantastic as the acting was superb and the cinematography was good as well. There’a a truly iconic moment towards the end where she is sort of feeling the post pardon depression because she knows she had an abomination, but then she is all of a sudden accepting of the child. She embraces the fact that he is the son of a devilish being towards the end of the film. The style of this film would go on to influence so many horror films in the future just with the aspect of the paranoia just unveiling itself over time in the film. Just think of the Johnny Depp film The Astronauts Wife which was sort of on the same premise (sorta). I am a huge fan of this film and I always say that this is an essential horror film that everyone should check out. Learn from the best, I always say which is why I am going to give this film an A for a final grade. It’s available on Netflix as we speak.


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