We are continuing our theme of celebrating Halloween all month long with Halloween themed posts and we have our second Cover Of The Week. Beyond The Realms Of Death has always been one of my favorite tracks off Stained Class and definitely a favorite of mine when Judas Priest plays it live. It always had that kind of slow and ominous feel to the song as it starts off with the light ballad like riffs about a kid who is sick of life and everyone around him. In 1997, German power metal band Blind Guardian covered the classic track for the Judas Priest Tribute album titled A Tribute To Judas Priest: Legends Of Metal Volume II. At first, when vocalist Hansi Kürsch starts singing the song, I am okay with his vocal style, but I understand that not everyone is like Rob Halford, but it’s when the power parts of the song during the choruses kick in that I am impressed with Kürsch’s singing style as it gets powerful and in your face.  The band does an amazing job playing the song, it’s pretty impressive and that is also why I included it here besides for having the word Death in the title. Check out the track below:

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