we are what we areI have to be completely honest when discussing today’s film because I had no idea what to expect out of it other than a cannibal story. The film is about the Parker family who may seem odd to everyone else around town, but to them their the normal ones. You see the Parkers are a super religious fanatic like cannibal clan which means they eat humans. With the combination of the matriarch of the family passing away and a huge storm, the family’s lifestyle is tested as they try to keep it a secret from a suspicious doctor. The movie stars Bill Sage (American Psycho) as Frank Parker, Julia Garner (Elektrick Children) as Rose Parker, Ambyr Childers (2 Guns) as Iris Parker, Kassie Wesley DePaiva (Evil Dead 2)as Emma Parker, Kelly McGillis (Top Gun) as Marge, Wyatt Russell (22 Jump Street) as Deputy Anders, Michael Parks (Django Unchained) as Doc Barrow, and the film was directed by Jim Mickle (Mulberry St.).

we are what we are 2The film sort of takes the idea of cannibalism and they run with it making the family very super religious, cult like that resembles the father in Frailty. The story is actually really good, it consistent, and in the end it makes sense as to why the Parker’s are what they are. The ending of the film may surprise some of you and then again it may not. The ending of the film while I won’t give it away is poetic justice in my opinion. There’s only a couple of real gruesome scenes, but then again there not gruesome to the point where you want to throw up. The whole Parker clan minus the mother are the MVP’s of the film because they are so convincing in their roles that you believe this is as legit as it can get. The daughter’s Rose (Garner) and Iris (Childers) were my two favorite characters in the film because you can feel their struggle to be human and as normal as the rest of the world, but their world consumes them completely. I didn’t realize that the woman that plays Marge is the same woman that played the hot ass Charlie from Top Gun that ends up falling in love with Tom Cruises character. It’s amazing what age will do to you, but she was amazing in the film as well. I am going to give We Are What We Are a A- for a final grade because I believe it was that darn good.


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