vhsOne of my favorite found footage horror films is V/H/S which I have reviewed the first two films for different years on here for Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween. So, when I saw on Netflix that there was another V/H/S film, I just had to watch and review for this years edition. The film is called V/H/S: Viral and it centers around a police chase with three other stories in there. The first story we are presented with is a guy whose girlfriend gets kidnapped during a police chase as well as a story about a magician (Justin Welborn) with a cape that not only grants him the ability to perform magic not like any other, but it has a thirst for humans. The third story centers around an inventor (Gustavo Salmerón) who invents a machine that allows him to travel to an alternate universe, but the universe is not all it cracks up to be when weird things start to happen. The fourth story centers around some skateboarders (Nick Blanco and Chase Newton) who are looking to make it bid by recording a video of them doing crazy stunts. One day, their cameraman suggest that they go to Tijuana to a place no one dares to go. The two of them then have to fight for their lives before they get sacrificed. The film also stars Marian Álvarez (Wounded) as Marta, Shane Brady (Spring) as Taylor, Patrick Lawrie as Kev, Emilia Ares Zoryan (Falling Overnight) as Iris, Chad Guerrero (Nightcrawler) as Uncle Alberto, Noelle Ann Mabry (Ghouls Gone Wild) as Lulu, Emmy Argo (Banshee) as Scarlett, Jessica Luza (Let’s Be Cops) as girl in shower, and the film was directed by Justin Benson (Spring), Gregg Bishop (Dance Of The Dead), Todd Lincoln (The Apparition), Aaron Moorhead (Spring), Marcel Sarmiento (ABC’s Of Death), and Nacho Vigalondo (The ABC’s Of Death).

vhs viralEvery single of the stories was actually pretty good and there were several stories within the main story which was called Vicious Circles. So, its safe to say that there was actually more than just four stories in total within this film. One my favorite stories within this film had to be the one called bonestorm which was the one about the skateboarders who are trying not to be sacrificed in Tijuana. A lot of that story and some of the other stories introduced the Go Pro camera to the series which was originally based on the idea of VHS tapes that were found, but these are going viral. I would say that Parallel Universe which is the one about the inventor would be my second favorite one only because of the world he enters in. The universe is the complete polar opposite of what are world is in every which way you can imagine. It’s one of those stories that reminds you of the old adage of curiosity killed the cat. For the most part, you know what kind of cinematography you are getting when it comes to a found footage horror film so expect some frequent cuts, shaky cameras, etc. I am definitely hoping (in a way) that they’ll come out with another film for the series because I enjoy watching this one. The acting is pretty good as well and I love the fact that they use a lot of unknown talent in this film. I am going to give this film an B+ for a final grade only because the other two still edge this one out.


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