the gateThe war between good and evil has been fought for centuries whether on earth or in the other world. For today’s Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween film, we are looking at another classic battle between the two in The Gate which was the debut film for actor Stephen Dorff (Blade). Glen (Dorff) is a just a regular kid with typical kid problems, but that is all about to change for him real quick. You see, Glen and his friend Terry (Louis Tripp) discover a hole in Glen’s backyard and while looking at it they bi-accidentally summon some pint sized demons looking to take over the earth. The two of them will have to try their best to stop these demons in this classic battle of good vs evil if they want to survive. The film also stars Christa Denton (The Burning Bed) as Al, Kelly Rowan (The O.C.) as Lori, Jennifer Irwin (Bad Teacher) as Linda, Deborah Grover (Night Heat) as Mom, Scot Denton (The Virgin Suicides) as Dad, Ingrid Veninger (Only) as Paula, Sean Fagan (Friday’s Curse) as Eric, Andrew Gunn (Juliet Bravo) as Brad, Carl Kraines (Gate 2: The Trespassers) as workman, and the film was directed by Tibor Takács (Sabrina The Teenage Witch).

gateThe Gate is definitely one of those horror films from the 80’s that I always enjoyed watching. To be honest, I thought about sticking this in the Cheeseball Cinema part of the blog, but then I changed my mind. The only real thing about the film that is cheesy is some of the special effects only because of how obvious they are. You gotta love the stop clay animation in one of the scenes when one of the little demons loses it’s arm and they turn into clay worms like something out of the Sledgehammer music video by Peter Gabriel. The scene with the moths is also very obvious that it’s corny special effects, but with a 2.5 million dollar budget, what do you expect. The big demon that we see in the film is also pretty cool and he seems like something out of Clash of The Titans (the 80’s version).One of my favorite characters which we can file in the make up department is the workman who is basically a zombie and pretty bad ass. For a long time, I didn’t know who Stephen Dorff was until I watched the movie Blade and then after a little research I figured out that he was in this film. The story is great, the cinematography is good, and it was out of the greatest decade of all time. So, if you get a chance, check out the film for yourself if you have not already. I am going to give the film an B- for a final grade.


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