It’s week two into the month of October and we are rocking here with our Halloween/horror related posts and we have a good one for all of you today. What do you do when you hear about something that is so tragic and scary? Well, if you’re Slipknot then you write about it. One day while online, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor had read a story that appeared to be true about a girl named Purity Knight who was kidnapped by a stalker and buried alive hence the track Purity which appeared on the band’s self titled debut album. It wasn’t until later on that he found out that the story was a made up one story by a website. I have to hand it to him because the only other things that I find scarier than being buried alive is maybe burning to death. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most incredible songs on that self titled debut and a favorite of mine to listen to live. The track is in your face with those heavy guitars and insane vocals from Corey Taylor. Fun fact, the guys from Slipknot were actually sued by the website that put out the fake story, but don’t worry cause Slipknot would eventually win that case.


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