it followsUsually when there is so much buzz behind a film, it ends up either being a complete disappointment or it exceeds your expectations. Earlier in 2015, there was a lot of buzz surrounding the horror film It Follows that it ended up being released into movie theaters everywhere. Jay (Maika Monroe) is your everyday normal teenager in love, but her world is about to be turned upside down when she goes out with Hugh (Jake Weary). After having sex with Hugh, she is told that she is going to be followed by beings that are looking to kill her, but there is a catch. All she has to do is have sex with more people and she can buy time otherwise if she dies, they go after Hugh once again. The film also stars Keir Gilchrist (Dead Silence) as Paul, Lili Sepe (Spork) as Kelly, Olivia Luccardi (Diamond Soles) as Yara, Daniel Zovatto (Beneath) as Greg, Leisa Pulido (LOL) as Greg’s Mom, Linda Boston (Red Dawn) as teacher, Debbie Williams as Mrs. Height, Bailey Spry (Age Of Ice) as Annie, and the film was directed by David Robert Mitchell (The Myth Of The American Sleepover).

it followaIf I were voters, I would vote this film as the horror film of the year for sure and obviously I’ll tell you why. This is the film that everyone wants to make that is not only original in idea, but strategically pays tribute to other classics along the way. The film had everything from a great score reminiscent of Halloween, tons of suspenseful moments that kept you on the edge of your seat at times, and a great cast to go along with all of that. Let us not forget that the idea of the story was absolutely brilliant as well. Think about this for a second, a film whose overall story about having sex to pass whatever it is she contracted to the next person is symbolic for sexually transmitted diseases in my opinion. You have a bunch of kids having premaritial sex and they get this thing that follows them which is in fact death in human form. Horror films used to be symbolic of what was going on in society as directors always reflected the horrors that surrounded us and this film is no different. I’ve seen one person say that this is one of the best horror movies in a decade and I have to agree with him on that one. The only thing I hope for in the future is more horror films that are actually brilliant like this one. Check it out for yourself in stores and online everywhere because I am giving this film an A for a final grade.


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