There is no denying that .5: The Gray Chapter was a monstrous return for the mighty Slipknot who had to deal with the loss of Paul Gray and the exit of Joey Jordison. Nevertheless, the band has soldiered on from that point and they created an album that can easily go against anything in their back catalog. The band has now unveiled a new music video for everyone to watch for the track XIX after having already released videos for The Devil In I, Killpop, Custer, and The Negative One. The video itself is haunting and NSFW (not safe for work) as it features a hearse carrying a casket and then some women with bare bodies who are the ones that bring the caskets. After grieving over the casket, they eventually send out into the water for a viking funeral. The video could be symbolic of the passing of Paul Gray as most of the album was based and written about his passing. Corey Taylor recently spoke with Full Metal Jackie and he had this to say, “I don’t wish [this] on anybody. But when you have something like Slipknot and you all kind of have to take a look at it and be like do we still want to do this and we still want to do this a certain way. It’s hard. A) you’re dealing with the loss of your brother and B) you’re parting ways with someone who was a huge part of this band. And it’s like how do you fill in the blanks and at the same time tell the story of the loss of that person.”


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