Tales From The DarksideThere are television shows that are so iconic that they were eventually turned into movies at one point like Tales From The Crypt (which we covered last year). There was another iconic horror TV series that was turned into a film and we have it for this year’s Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween in Tales From The Darkside: The Movie. The film starts out with the legendary Deborah Harry (Videodrone) as Betty, a woman who is about to cook a child (played by Matthew Lawrence) in her oven for her dinner party that night. In order to buy himself some time before he goes into the oven, the little boy tells Betty three stories from a large book he has called Lot 249, Cat From Hell, and Lover’s Vow. Lot 249 deals with a mummy while Cat From Hell deals with a rich man trying to hire an assassin to kill a cat, and Lover’s Vow is about a man who swears to never tell of what happened one faithful night. The film stars Christian Slater (Kuffs) as Andy (Lot 249), Robert Sedgwick (Die Hard: With A Vengeance) as Lee (Lot 249), Steve Buscemi (Fargo) as Bellingham (Lot 249), Julianne Moore (Boogie Nights) as Susan (Lot 249), David Johansen (Scrooged) as Halston (Cat From Hell), William Hickey (One Life To Live) as Drogan (Cat From Hell), James Remar (The Warriors) as Preston (Lover’s Vow), Rae Dawn Chong (Commando) as Carola (Lover’s Vow), Robert Klein (Two Weeks Notice) as Wyatt, and the film was directed by John Harrison (Book Of Blood). The film also features stories/screenplays written by Michael McDowell (Beetlejuice), George A. Romero (Night Of The Living Dead), Stephen King (Christine), Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes).

talesAs you can see in that last sentence of the first paragraph, some of the biggest names in horror worked on the screenplay and stories for this film and hence the reason this film was amazing. Some of the biggest names in film history of the last 20 plus years also worked on this film like Buscemi, Remar, and Moore just to name a few. I do have to say that out of all three stories, Lover’s Vow is definitely my favorite one from the film as it has that darker edge and feel to it than the rest of the stories in the film. It has a very Gothic love story feel to it and it has a cool twist at the end of it that you’ll have to check out. Michael McDowell who wrote one of the best films from the late 80’s in Beetlejuice as well as the adaptation to A Nightmare Before Christmas wrote Lover’s Vow. Johansen, who I believe at times would occasionally go by the name of Buster Pointdexter and I have to say he does a good job in this film especially after what he has to swallow. The film occasionally airs on Epix Drive-In and is also available to view on Netflix on occasion as well so check it out. I miss the days of horror anthologies and or horror themed television shows like these ones because it gave horror fans something to watch. I am going to give the film an A for a final grade.


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