x240-0oLI don’t know why people insist on moving into a house that has a knack for screwing with people’s minds and making them do very bad things. That is the case once again with today’s Eddie’s 31 days Of Halloween film in Amityville 3D which is the third installment in the series. The film stars Tony Roberts (Annie Hall) as John Baxter, a reporter who is so eager to prove to everyone in the world that the famous Amityville house is not haunted. You see the legend has it that demons took over a child and he killed his whole family because of it and John just doesn’t believe it. That of course changes when weird things start to happen in the house to him, his family, and his friend and it all seems to be connected to a demon lurking in the basement. The film also stars Tess Harper (No Country For Old Men) as Nancy Baxter, Robert Joy (The Hills Have Eyes) as Elliot West, Candy Clark (American Graffiti) as Melanie, Lori Loughlin (Full House) as Susan Baxter, Meg Ryan (Sleepless In Seattle) as Lisa, John Beal (The Firm) as Harold Caswell, John Harkins (Absence Of Malice) as Clifford Sanders, Peter Kowanko (Solarbabies) as Roger, and the film was directed by Richard Fleischer (Tora Tora Tora).

Amityville3There are definitely parts in this film that were clearly set up just for the 3D effect like the pipe going through the windshield. Of course I watched this on TV so it wasn’t showing in 3D, but I can imagine that it must have been cool at times while other parts lacked like the shotgun mic closeup. One of my favorite scenes in the film is when Candy Clark is burnt to death in her car, but it’s when the guy opens he door and the skeleton turns to him. That was definitely a highlight as well as the demon you only get to see for a few seconds towards the end of the film. The rest of the film is actually pretty decent even though they kept trying to bleed the story just to try and make a few more bucks in the cinemas, but hey that’s Hollywood. It was cool to see a very young Meg Ryan in this film as Susan’s friend Lisa and she was definitely a plus to have in this film. This was only her second role and it was the one right before her breakthrough in Top Gun. A lot of great stars get their start in Horror before they move on to bigger and better things. The film has plenty of the supernatural scares and some of the special effects are pretty cool, but the first film will always be the classic in my opinion. Check out Amityville 3D if you dare, but I am going to give this film an C+ for a final grade.


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