the exorcistBack in 1973, one single film scared the living daylights out of people and it certainly pushed the boundaries in the world of Horror with some of it scenes. Of course, the film I am talking about is the 1973 classic by William Friedkin (The French Connection) in The Exorcist. For actress Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn), everything is going great in Georgetown as she is working on a new film and enjoying time with her daughter. For Father Karass (Jason Miller) things are not going so great as his faith in God has been tested to it’s limits. What both of those people don’t know is that there paths are about to cross when Chris’s daughter Reagan (Linda Blair) becomes possessed by a demon. With the help of Father Merrin (Max von Sydow), they will attempt to ave Reagan from the demon before it’s too late. The film also stars Lee J. Cobb (12 Angry Men) as Lt. Kinderman, Kitty Winn (The Exorcist II: The Heretic) as Sharon, Jack MacGowran (The Fearless Vampire Killer) as Burke Dennings, William O’Malley (This Christmas) as Father Dyer, Peter Masterston (The Stepford Wives) as Dr. Barringer, and Barton Heyman (Dead Man Walking) as Dr. Klein.

reaganThis film definitely pushed the boundaries back in it’s day so I can see why it was so controversial especially with the language and some of the imagery. Think about it for a second, she is vulgar especially towards the priest, she is jabbing a cross into her you know what, and the head spinning scene was pretty amazing as well. The makeup work for this film was also very incredible especially with Reagan whether it be the scars on her face or the green stuff that she constantly spews at the priests. Now I remember a friend of mine’s mother wouldn’t allow us to see the film when I was a kid because she said it scared the living daylights out of her, but by the time I was actually able to see it didn’t phase me at all. Unfortunately, I failed to put myself into their shoes in order to understand how this scared everyone, but I can definitely see it now. This is definitely one of the most incredible horror movies of its time and if there was a hall of fame for horror, I would definitely include this one. The film has it all from a great story (The film is based on the story of Roland Doe), great acting (Linda Blair was just absolutely terrific in this film), and even some amazing cinematography with some amazing shots (like the shots in Iraq when Father Merrin is there). If you have not had the pleasure of watching this film in your life, then you need to put this one on that list because it’s a classic. That is why I am going to give The Exorcist an A for a final grade and it’s a well deserved A.


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