banner-chucky-2There are people in the world that never forget certain events that can potentially harm a big corporation like the ones that produce Good Guy Dolls. The Play Pals Toy Company is one of those companies that chooses to sweep things under the rug so that no one will believe such an event can happen. In Child’s Play 2, that is exactly what they do when they take the remains of Chucky (the killer doll and serial killer Charles Lee Ray) and they decide to rebuild him to put him n the market once again. What they don’t realize is that they bring Chucky (Brad Dourif) back to life and he is once again on the hunt for the soul of Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent).  For Andy, his life has been turned upside down as he is now in the foster care system and living with a nice couple in the Simpsons (Gerrit Graham and Jenny Agutter). Once Chucky arrives, things start to happen and Andy tries to convince them that it’s Chucky, but they don’t believe him until it’s too late. The only person on his side is his fellow foster care sister in Kyle (Christine Elise) and together they’ll have to do their best to stay alive. The film also stars Grace Zabriskie (The Judge) as Grace Poole, Peter Haskell (Child’s Play 3) as Sullivan, Beth Grant (Donnie Darko) as Miss Kettlewell, Greg Germann (Here Comes The Boom) as Mattson, and the film was directed by John Lafia (Man’s Best Friend).

childs-play-2-rulerThis is actually one of my favorite films in the series only because of the fact that you get to see a little more of Chucky in this film, but I am not taking anything away from the first film cause that is brilliant. You get to see a little more of that personality you loved from the last part of the first film and some of the kills in this film are brutal. One of my favorite kills has to come when Chucky is in the classroom and he confronts Miss Kettlewell with the ruler as you can see int he picture to the left of this paragraph. I also loved having fellow Bostonian Christine Elise in the film as I thought she was really hot, still do, and she can act. She was definitely a bad ass in this film and a great ally to have for Andy. The acting all around in this film was great and I loved the cinematography in this film. Brad Dourif, who once again provided the voice for Chucky was masterful and his language was colorful, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. This film came at a time when our slashers were becoming a lot more comedic with the one liners that got us every time and we laughed at them constantly. Nevertheless, I consider this film a classic and definitely one that is worth checking out for yourself. So for the films final grade, I am going to give it an A- because it rocked. If you don’t like it then you can deal with Chucky yourself.

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