For this week’s Soundtrac Saturday song, we are turning to a film that we covered this year for Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween in The Rage: Carrie 2 (check out the review of the film here). While the film was a ballsy attempt for Hollywood to try and continue on with the story, the soundtrack for the film was actually pretty decent.  It featured a lot of underground bands at the time like LCD, Mono Puff, Transmutator, and so many others. The band I chose for today is Nu-Metal act from Los Angeles in Ra who provided the track Crazy Little Voices for the soundtrack. The track was originally released on this soundtrack before it ended up on the b-sides compilation album Black Sheep some three or four months later. The track mixes elements of industrial with along with their typical post grunge/alternative rock sound that was typically associated with a lot of those acts of the time. The track is fierce and it features a killer bass line during the verses before the band explodes into your speakers. Check out the track below and don’t forget to check out the film review as well.

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