it waitsFor today’s Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween, I looked deep into my DVD collection and decided to watch something that had a little romance to go along with my horror. Well, It Waits sort of has some romance to go along with some deep seeded regret and I’ll explain it. For Danielle ‘Danny’ St. Claire (Cerina Vincent), she has one deep regret in her life that is throwing it all out of whack. Danielle is a forest ranger that has to live with the death of her best friend which is also interfering with her work. Well, one day some ancient Native American demons are released from their cave where they were trapped and they begin to stalk and kill anyone near the mountain and they begin to stalk and toy with Danielle. Now she’ll have to try and run from the mountain before the beast that is after her kills her. The film also stars Dominic Zamprogna (General Hospital) as Justin, Greg Kean (Dead Like Me) as Rick Bailey, Eric Schweig (The Last Of The Mohicans) as Joseph Riverwind, Miranda Frigon (White Noise) as Julie, Matt Jordan (Freddy Got Fingered) as Wakinyah Creature, Fred Henderson (The Interview) as Carl Nash, Chilton Crane (Look Who’s Talking Now) as Evelyn Nash, and the film was directed by Steven R. Monroe (I Spit On Your Grave 2).

11After reading the above paragraph, you are probably wondering to yourself where is the romance part of the film because I didn’t describe it above. So, while Danielle is all torn up about her friend and drinking heavily, she is visited by the guy who just won’t give up on her. He is in love with her and they have a sexual escapade during the film. That was one of the things that sort of bothered me about this film because I didn’t feel that it needed that. The sad part is that it took away from seeing this Jeepers Creepers like demons that are after her. This definitely came out at a time when they wanted more creatures that looked like a combo of human with bats and ugly things and I guess that is OK. Cerina Vincent is hot in my opinion, but her performance could have been a little bit better. I just see her more in the type of role she had in Cabin Fever then I see her as the bad ass final girl that survives like in this film. Don’t take this the wrong way because she did pretty well in this film, but I think the writing had a little to do with that as well. I really liked the cinematography in the film when it begins to show some of the more scenic shots. It gives you a great sense of how alone she is in that forest. The average review of this film was lower than average and you sort of have to agree with them in a way. I am giving the film an C- for a final grade because not enough monster and too much romance.


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