lets scare jessica to deathI am always looking for different films to watch every Halloween just to mix things up and there was a list of top 10 horror films nobody knows about. After looking on the list there was one film that caught my eye and it’s called Let’s Scare Jessica To Death and so here it is. Jessica (Zohra Lampert) is someone that at one time was institutionalized for six months and after she gets out, she gets invited to an old farmhouse with her husband Duncan (Barton Heyman) and a friend Woody (Kevin O’Connor). When going to the house they run into a girl named Emily (Mariclare Costello) and after Jessica notices that Woody likes her, she tells her to stay. Then weird things start to happen that have Jessica questioning whether or not she is really going crazy in what apparently is a haunted farmhouse. The film also stars Gretchen Corbett (Jaws Of Satan) as The Girl, Alan Manson (The Doors) as Sam Dorker, and the film was directed by John D. Hancock (Bang The Drum Slowly).

jessica“Something’s After Jessica, Something Very Cold, Very Wet And Very Dead” is the tag lien that you see on the movie poster, but it takes a while for you to start figuring out what is going on and what the tagline has to do with the film. For most of the film, it’s all psychological as Jessica is seeing this things and everyone else isn’t which makes her feel like she’s going crazy. The last half hour of the film is when the real action starts to happen in this film and you begin to figure out things that you were maybe confused about before. You get the story about Abigail and you see this old photo and you immediately see Emily and now you know what is going on. The film for me was very slow and I think I was just expecting something more from the film, but I am not saying that it isn’t good by any means. If you love the psychological end of things then you may end up liking this film probably more than I did. The acting for the most part was pretty good and it had to be because it was a small cast. The cinematography was done pretty well and I loved some of the exterior shots that were included in the film. I am going to give the film an B- for a final grade.


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