Rock And Metal News: Billy Morrison Unveils New Track Gods With Ozzy Osbourne

Posted: October 26, 2015 in Rock And Metal News
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If you do not know who Billy Morrison is, he was at one time in The Cult as well as Stimulator, Camp Freddy, Circus Diablo, and he is now with Billy Idol. Billy started to work on his second solo record entitled God Shaped Hole when he got a phone call from an old friend in Ozzy Osbourne. Billy states after being joined by Dave Navarro and Steve Stevens, “and then I got a text from Ozzy, wondering where I had disappeared to… I told him I had decided to record a solo album, and the next text back from him was, ‘Well, I wanna sing a song on your record!” Ozzy performs on a track called Gods that is just beautiful in sound with an amazing piano playing that helps move the track forward and combined with the rest of the band and some reflective lyrics, it sounds amazing. Ozzy states in the track that, “the only gods are the gods of rock ‘n’ roll” and I have to say that this is the best I have heard Ozzy in a long time. Billy’s album will come with five originals and five covers. He talks about the original tracks saying, “The five original songs were written with the spirit of independence that was so important at one time in music and the complete autonomy and freedom that comes with a project like this.” Then he goes on to reflect on the covers saying, “The covers are not huge hits, and most are by bands that never received the recognition they deserved. This record comes from a place inside me — thanking and paying respect to bands and songs that truly made me want to play, to perform and to do it my way.” The album God Shaped Hole was released this past Friday (October 23) on his own label King Mob Music. Check out the track below:


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