the blind deadIn the middle ages The Knights Templar were sent to the middle east to to protect the holy land from the Muslims or non-believers. The only problem is that when they came back, they are practicing black magic and are sacrificing virgins from the village. In turn they are all hung and the crows take out their eyes in retaliation for their crimes. Now fast forward the present times in Portugal where Virginia (María Elena Arpón) has run into an old friend in Betty Turner (Lone Fleming). She along with her boyfriend Roger (César Burner) invite Betty to come along on their camping trip. Through jealousy over seeing how well her boyfriend and Betty get along, Virginia hopes off the train and attempts to spend the night at the Templars lair. She ends up awakening them and they sacrifice her. After finding out that Virginia is dead, Betty and Roger want to get to the bottom of it to find out just who killed Virginia. The Tombs Of The Blind Dead also stars José Thelman (Return Of The Evil Dead) as Pedro, Rufino Inglés (Death Of A Cyclist) as Insp. Oliveira, Verónica Llimerá (Blood Brides) as Nina. Simón Arriaga (Django) as Morgue Keeper, Francisco Sanz (Let Sleeping Corpses Lie) as Prof. Candal, and the film was directed by Amando de Ossorio (Horror Of The Zombies).

deadI also found this film on the same list as Let’s Scare Jessica To Death and I have to say that I enjoyed Tombs Of The Blind Dead a lot more.  The film had an actual story that made it well worth watching and who doesn’t love zombies. Apparently, this film was released three years after Night Of The Living Dead and it was sort of a different take on the zombie genre that helped cause quite the boom for Spain in the film industry. For the director, it was the first film in the Blind Dead series that he would have and that’s right our zombies are blind. They also feed off of blood like vampires and that is how he preferred them. Ossorio apparently hated the term Zombies and according to one site he preferred them to be more like mummies cause they weren’t thoughtless.  I love the story that is attached to it, but I think they could have done more with the scenes where Virginia is a zombie. It’s going in the right direction at first when she is then it just becomes totally irrelevant once she is killed. What I do love is the last sequence in the film with the dead, Betty, and our train conductors from the beginning of the film. There was enough suspense in that sequence to keep you hooked in. I loved the way the dead looked and they were easily identifiable as Knights and I also loved how some of them rode horses. They were really bad ass looking and different from what your typical zombies looked like. This is definitely a film that is worth checking out and the English overdubs isn’t half bad. I am going to give this film an B+ for a final grade.


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