For our very last Halloween themed post for the single of the week, I wanted to turn to a band that was known for providing us with some classics in Death. Death is one of those bands that is credited with inventing what would eventually be called Death Metal. The track I chose for today comes from the band’s first album called Scream Bloody Gore and the song is called Zombie Ritual. “Vomit for a mind, maggots for a c–k, with his axe the corpse will chop…” That is an example of some of the lyrics in this bone crusher with a killer bass line and intro. Then it’s all out madness from that point on as the band as the band quickly turns the tempo up to a 1000 in the blink of an eye. The track is crushing, in your face, and it’s Don Jamieson of That Metal Show approved cause zombies are metal. Check it out below:


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