Dead-Silence-Gallery-10For today’s Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween film, a friends fear of Ventriloquist dummies inspired me to want to watch the 2007 film Dead Silence. Jamie (Ryan Kwanten) is just a regular guy who is enjoying life with his beautiful wife Lisa (Laura Regan) until one day when they receive a mysterious package. Inside the package is a Ventriloquist dummy and they have no idea where it’s from or who sent it. While Jamie left to get something, something ends up killing Lisa tat could be tied to the dummy and Jamie wants answers. Despite a detective being on his case, he’ll end up going back to his hometown to investigate the death and somehow a local legend maybe the key to all of the madness. The film also stars Amber Valletta (Hitch) as Ella, Donnie Wahlberg (Saw 2) as Det. Lipton, Michael Fairman (Mulholland Drive) as Henry Walker, Joan Heney (Secret Window) as Marion Walker, Bob Gunton (The Shawshank Redemption) as Edward Ashen, Judith Roberts (Eraserhead) as Mary Shaw, Dmitry Chepovetsky (Lucky Number Slevin) as Richard Walker, and the film was directed by James Wan (Saw).

dead silenceI feel like this was the beginning of the start of James Wan exploring the supernatural side of horror instead of just blood, guts, and gore. The idea of the ventriloquist dummy was actually a pretty good one as it hadn’t really been done in horror, but I’m not saying that there hasn’t been doll horror films before. I never really knew the history of the Ventriloquist dummy before, but thanks to this film they have been around for a long time. I loved the whole idea that Mary Shaw couldn’t kill you unless you screamed and that is when she would take your tongue. I always remember thinking Donnie Walhberg’s performances in Saw were always hit or miss, but I have to say that he did a really good job in this film. He plays the typical ball busting detective who doesn’t believe in ghost stories until he is face to face with it. The film overall in my opinion isn’t super scary although it has a few of the cheap scare type scenes in it. The special effects and makeup departments deserve a thumbs from me especially with some of the dummies they discover later on. The acting in the film is pretty good as suspected and the cinematography is good as well. There isn’t a lot wrong in this film and it’s definitely enjoyable to watch, but not very scary in my opinion. I am going to give this film an B for a final grade.


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