Halloween ResurrectionYou can’t have an Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween without the one and only Michael Myers reeking terror on the list. Michael Myers (Brad Loree) returns for the eight film in the series in Halloween: Resurrection. Michael sets off in the beginning of the film to finish a job he had started 24 years before in the original Halloween film as he goes after his sister Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). After he is done, Michael officially heads home, but when he returns, he has some unexpected guests. Freddie Harris (Busta Rhymes) runs an online reality show that is about to head into the Myers house for 24HRS as part of the show. Sara (Bianca Kajlich) knows something is wrong when they enter the house, but she’ll need some help from a friend in order to survive the night. The film also stars Sean Patrick Thomas (Save The Last Dance) as Rudy, Daisy McCrackin (3000 Miles To Graceland) as Donna, Katee Sackhoff (Oculus) as Jen, Luke Kirby (Shattered Glass) as Jim, Thomas Ian Nicholas (Rookie Of The Year) as Bill, Ryan Merriman (The Ring Two) as Myles, Tyra Banks (Tropic Thunder) as Nora, and the film was directed by Rick Rosenthal (Halloween II).

michaelThis version of Halloween was intended for the internet age with the use of chat devices, online cameras, etc. I was surprised that Rick Rosenthal returned to direct this film after he had directed Halloween II, but while you’re watching the film there are several nods to his earlier film and the first film. Think about it, he attacks Laurie Strode in a hospital once again, Stabs Rudy in the Kitchen with knives, and Michael burns to death at the end of the film much like Halloween II. The film isn’t actually that bad of a film, it’s not the best, but at the time I couldn’t believe that Michael had died in Halloween: H20. As long as Hollywood is around, Michael is always going to be around as well as we’ve learned that with 10 films total in the series. Out of all the sets, I really enjoyed the look of the hospital in the beginning as it had that old dirty and dingy look to it. They added way too many dimensions to the Myers house like secret tunnels that I found it hard to believe that those were there to begin with. The acting for the mos part was pretty good and Brad Loree did a good job as Michael. It’s one of those roles that it doesn’t really take much to play as you have no lines throughout the whole film. You just have to move your head to the side on occasion as if you are impressed by the way you just killed someone. The film is currently available on Netflix so check it out if you dare. I am going to give the film a C+ for a final grade.


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