babdookFor today’s 31 Days Of Halloween entry, I wanted to pick a film that was different from most films that we choose to view when it comes to Horror these days. To be honest, the film I chose for today has sat on my Netflix queue for a long time and what better time than now to see and review The Babadook for Halloween. Amelia (Essie Davis) is a single mother who is trying to take care of her troubled son Samuel (Noah Wiseman) after she is part of a violent accident that claimed her husband.Part of her problem is that Samuel believes he sees monsters. The battle become worse for Amelia after she reads a book called Mr. Babadook to her son one night because the Babadook begins to haunt them and she soon believes that there is an evil entity that surrounds them. The film also stars Daniel Henshall (TURN: Washington’s Spies) as Robbie, Hayley McElhinney (Inhuman Resources) as Claire, Barbara West as Mrs. Roach, Benjamin Winspear (Loveless) as Oskar, Jacquy Phillips (Red Dog) as Beverly, Bridget Walters (Love You Mum) as Norma, Tiffany Lyndall Knight (Fido) as Supermarket Mom, Tony Mack (Parklands) as The Principal, and the film was directed by Jennifer Kent in her directorial debut.

babadookThis has to be one of my other favorite Horror films that I have seen this year and it’s because of the fact that it’s a smart horror film. I say smart because it’s a psychological horror film where you see a character who looks strong in the beginning of the film to a much weakened and vulnerable stage by the end of the film. The Babadook is basically another way of calling an Evil entity something, but it’s called The Babadook because it hides itself into a children’s story. It manifests itself into the book and once you begin to read the book, it takes over your home and forces you into insanity. I have to say that even though Essie Davis and Noah Wiseman are the main two actors in the film, they do a great job carrying the film on their shoulders and they keep things interesting. I love the overall dark tones of the film because it basically gives you the idea that things are very dark and they are about to get darker for our main characters. They have faced tragedy before (at least the mother has) and she is about to be tested again. I definitely think you guys should check this film out on Netflix or where ever you are able to watch films like this because these are the filmmakers we should support. You know ones that come up with great and original ideas. I am going to give this film an A for a final grade. This is the last post for Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see all of you next year for another round.


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