anthony jIt’s been a while since the very last Tuesday Stand Up and I have seen tons of new stand up specials everywhere whether it was on Netflix or HBO. So, it’s safe to say that I have been looking forward to watching some of these specials so that I can share them with you. The special that I chose for you guys caught my eye when I heard that the comedian had dark humor and had some ballsy jokes. His name is Anthony Jeselnik and you may remember him from The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump or David Hasselhoff. For his third comedy special, the ballsy comedian took his show on the road and taped his special Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts And Prayers at The Fillmore in San Francisco. In the special he tackles everything from dead baby jokes, being sexist, sex offenders, putting family into jokes, transgender people, cancer, drinking, guns, abortion jokes, holocaust jokes, believing your the best, and towards the end of the special he explains who he is.

jeselnikI have to start this part out by saying that he is the ballsiest comedian there is out there in the world, but I am glad I got to listen and watch it. Anthony Jeselnik is no holds barred and he doesn’t care what anybody thinks and you have to respect a guy like that. He has said that he would die for his jokes and I love the last 18 minutes or so of the special because that is when he gets real with the crowd. He explains why he makes the jokes that he makes and why victims of tragedies shouldn’t be mad at him. In some way, shape, or form, it actually makes sense when he explains it to us. People going on twitter to express their condolences during a tragedy is like a wedding photographer taking nothing but selfies. That was one of his explanations during the special. He then proceeds to talk about his television show and how he was willing to get fired for his tweets until the company threatened to fire the whole crew that worked on that show. You have to watch it for his explanation of Shark Party because I gained a lot of respect for the guy. Overall, I thought the special was smart, funny, and he delivers every joke with tons of confidence and he knows how to work the crowd like a pro. That is why I am going to give the special an A+ for a final grade.


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