clutch-psychic-warfareFor our first non-Halloween related album of the week post, I am trying something completely new and that is I am reviewing an album from a band that I am familiar with, but do not listen to. I had the urge to discover new music for myself and Clutch is a band that has always ridden underneath my radar. They have been often described as stoner rock and I actually do enjoy listening to stoner rock so again I have no clue why this happened. Anyways, back on October 2ND, the band released their eleventh studio album called Psychic Warfare via the band’s very own label Weathermaker. The band is made up of Neil Fallon (Vocals & Guitar), Jean-Paul Gaster (Drums), Dan Maines (Bass), and Tim Suit (Guitar). According to some reports, the album is a departure for the band lyrically because it focuses more on certain aspects of life than the usual science fiction and literature based themes we are used to from them. So far, the album has peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Top 200 Charts, #7 on Top New Albums, and it hit number one on the Top Hard Rock albums chart.

clutchposter1. The Affidavit– This is a 25 second song that Fallon recorded on his iPhone while he was at the bar

2. X-Ray Visions– This hard chargin rock song officially kicks us off and is about someone who is running away from someone and hoping not to be spotted. 4/5

3. Firebirds!– This next track continues to follow the same character from the previous song, but this time he is back on the road and driving through Southern Cal when he runs into a female hitchhiker. 4/5

4. A Quick Death in Texas– This is a very bluesy track that would make ZZ Top proud as it was recorded while the band was in Texas recording the album. 4/5

5. Sucker for the Witch– I love the bass playing in this song which is Fallon analyzing why he always has a female protagonists in his tracks. 4/5

6. Your Love Is Incarceration– Another track on the record that is funky and groovin and has that ZZ Top rock sound to it. 4/5

DanWinters37. Doom Saloon– This is the intro track for the next song

8. Our Lady of Electric Light– This track plus the previous one is all about Neil’s journey’s to the bar hence the Our Lady of Electric Light representing the neon lights on the signs in the bar. 4/5

9. Noble Savage– This is a heavy blues rock classic that basically tells anyone who does not know who Clutch is, who they are for real. Like Motorhead, they are a rock and roll band. 5/5

10. Behold the Colossus– This is a balls to the wall rock classic which could be about how rock and roll has been under the radar and that it will soon rise again or it could be about something else. 5/5

11. Decapitation Blues– This is a track that Fallon says is about the neck surgery he had to go through from headbanging too much. It sucks for him cause the song is a headbanger. 5/5

12. Son of Virginia– This is the last track on the album and it has an eerie country rock feel to it in the beginning before it gets melodic. It’s very bluesy and kind of kicks ass. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– This is definitely a kick ass record from a band that deserves more recognition than it gets. Believe this that they are Lemmy Kilmister approved and that is all I need to know. I am giving the record four stars out of five for a final grade.

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