Music Video Of The Week: True Friends by Bring Me The Horizon

Posted: November 6, 2015 in Music Video Of The Week
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Bring Me The Horizon is one of those bands that made some waves with their new record That’s The Spirit as the band had changed their overall sound for the album giving us a more mature approach. Nevertheless, we have already seen singles and what not released from the band for tracks such as Throne, Happy Song, and Drown that have made an impact. Now the band has released yet another single from the record, but this time it’s a music video for the song True Friends and it’s directed by the band’s very own Oli Sykes. The music video itself features an amazing detective murder mystery that all of you can follow as we see decapitated horses, messages in blood, and so much more. The video also features the band performing, but you have to love the creativity in the video itself. This could potentially be the music video of the year. Check it out for yourself and if you live in Europe, be sure to check them out as they head over to Europe for a tour.


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