bttfp1I probably should have posted this one when Back To The Future Day came and went back on October 21, 2015, but we were doing Halloween themed posts. The reason I chose to do this song now is while I was at The Rhode Island Comic Con, I noticed a lot of guys cosplaying as Marty McFly and this song immediately popped into my head. So for today’s Soundtrack Saturday track, we are using Huey Lewis & The News’s track from the first Back To The Future film called Back In Time. This track was actually never released as a single from the soundtrack, but it did so well that it peaked at number three on the Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart. If you want to know when it shows up in everyone’s favorite time travelling comedy, it’s right when Marty wakes up after returning back to 1955 as it plays on his radio that wakes him up. The track also plays during the closing credits and it’s a track that refers to the film and it’s characters more than The Power Of Love did. Check out the classic track below:

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