Tuesday Stand Up: Matt Braunger- Big Dumb Animal (2015)

Posted: November 10, 2015 in Stand Up Special Review
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matt braugnerWe are moving along with our Tuesday Stand Up specials where I am trying to review new comedians that may not be new to you, but they are to me. I was looking through all the comedy specials that were available on Netflix when I came across one by Matt Braunger and I wondered just who was Matt Braunger. Matt Braunger was a former cast member of MadTV during the shows very last season before moving on to other things which included stand up comedy. So, the name of the special he released this year was called Matt Braunger: Big Dumb Animal and it was taped in Brooklyn, New York. In the comedy special, he tackles all sorts of topics like not being married or having kids at the age of 39, men being creepy, erections, bad advances from men, partying, Portland, Oregon, strip clubs, his parents, giving blood, homophobia, Jager Bombs, angels, Korea, shit jobs, bingo, therapy, Los Angeles, and so much more in this hilarious one hour special.

matt braungerI want to first saying that going into this special, I had absolutely no expectations which I think made it a much better experience. The special itself was absolutely hilarious and very enjoyable to watch as Braunger brought his a game. Matt has a way of making you relate to whatever his material is and I think I related to it since I am in my 30’s. One of the funniest bits to me was his joke with Jager Bombs which are absolutely terrible as far as the concept of them are concerned and he’s right they are a stroke ready to happen. His whole spiel on angels of comedy was very good as well like the woman in the Philippines wearing a short too big for her that read my dick wants to buy you a drink. He’s absolutely on the money because that is something that would make me laugh a lot. There is always a deeper meaning to his jokes as well that make it even better to listen to and some may find comfort in that they are funny and life changing. This was definitely a comedy special that I loved watching and I think all of you should check out on Netflix as we speak. I am going to give the special an A- for a final grade.


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