metal healthThere are still albums in the world that I love and have not covered for this blog and Metal Health by Quiet Riot is one of those albums. For those of you who don’t know who Quiet Riot is, they were one of the original hair bands from the scene in LA that at one time featured the late, great Randy Rhoads on guitar before he left to join Ozzy Osbourne. The band at the time was made up of Kevin DuBrow (Vocals), Frankie Banali (Drums), Carlos Cavazo (Guitars), and Rudy Sarzo (Bass) with Chuck Wright actually recording the bass parts to two tracks on the album. The band was hungry and it showed on their first ever American release even though this was their third album with everyone being a new member except for Kevin. The album is considered a classic amongst metal fans and it’s significant because it’s the first every heavy metal record to hit number one n the Billboard Top 200 charts. The album knocked out The Police’s Synchronicity out of the number one spot with a top 5 single in Cum On Feel The Noize to help. The album would go on to sell six million copies worldwide, but it would remain their top seller.

Quiet Riot - Metal Health (back)1. Metal Health (Bang Your Head)– This was the ultimate 80’s anthem for metal heads every where and by far the best track on the record. It has everything you want from monstrous power chords and the ultimate sing along chorus.It’s one of the tracks that Chuck Wright recorded bass for. 5/5

2. Cum On Feel The Noize– This is the band’s monstrous cover of the Slade classic that helped propel the band to the top of the charts. 5/5

3. Don’t Wanna Let You Go– This is the band’s power ballad like track with the big bass line and slick guitar playing about relationships. This is the other track on the album that features bass playing by Chuck Wright. 4/5

4. Slick Black Cadillac– The band’s hard rock classic about a slick black Cadillac and how it’s a status car. 4/5

5. Love’s a Bitch– Another slowered tempo track about how love can be a real bitch with a killer chorus. 4/5

MetalHealthSideAlarge6. Breathless– a hard charging track about a girl that leaves him absolutely breathless that he can’t function. 4/5

7. Run for Cover– another rocking track from the band with a killer intro by Frankie that kicks off the track. Frankie is an amazing drummer and it shines on this track. 4/5

8. Battle Axe– is a quick guitar instrumental on the album that let’s Carlos channel his inner Eddie Van Halen. 4/5

9. Let’s Get Crazy– The heavy as hell with a killer bass line party anthem about scoring with chicks, you know the rock and roll lifestyle. 4/5

10. Thunderbird– This is the touching tribute that was written for the band’s former guitarist Randy Rhoads who had passed away. The track was actually written while Rhoads was alive, but DuBrow wrote the last verse after the death of Rhoads. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– Besides QRIII, this is one of my favorite Quiet Riot records the band ever released. The sad thing about Quiet Riot is that the band should have been bigger than they were, but DuBrow’s alcohol and drug abuse got in the way. The one thing that I can say is that if it wasn’t for them maybe the 80’s Hair Metal scene may have not been as big as it was. Of course that is debatable. I am giving the album four stars out of five for a final grade.


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