Lemmy026It is with great sadness that we report that former Motorhead drummer Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor has passed away at the age of 61. Phil was the drummer for Motorhead for a total of 14 years which included two stints with the band. Phil is most notable for anchoring the band’s unique sound that we grew to love with their first five albums which included Motorhead, Overkill, Ace Of Spades, Iron Fist, and Another Perfect Day. He would leave the band in 1984 only to come back three years later until 1992 after playing on the albums Rock ‘n’ Roll and 1916. In order to describe his paying style, it’s best that we eave it up to him to describe. In 1983, he said this about it in a an interview, “Well, once Lemmy starts playing, he’s sort of out there on his own, in a way. It’s something that came naturally; but when Robbo [guitarist Brian Robertson] joined the band, we started working it out a bit more. When Eddie was with the band, I played more with the guitar than I did with Lemmy, because he’s not really a bass player. Lemmy always plays so fast that it’s always been down to the guitarist and me to keep the rhythm and melody going.” Taylor further explained, “Lemmy is just non-stop playing all the time, so for the highs and lows of the numbers, the ups and downs, light and shade — whatever you want to call it — it’s basically down to Robbo and myself. I’d never played much before, so it’s probably a lot more difficult for Robbo than for me. He’d always played in bands that had a proper bass player, so to speak.” Nevertheless, he will go down as one of the originals of Motorhead and an absolute legend. Below are the various tributes from past members of Motorhead and Motorhead as well. R.I.P. Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor (21 September 1954 – 11 November 2015)

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