As promised, here is your second Soundtrack Saturday track of the day and this is the one we are doing in memory of France. I had a hard time looking rock tracks from French soundtracks when I cam across an artist that I recognized in Cut Killer, a DJ from France. In 1995, Cut Killer provided a track for the soundtrack to the film La Haine and the song is called Nique La Police (which translates into F*** The Police). The film itself follows three men the day after a violent riot in the streets of Paris so you can imagine why this song was cut for the film. The film features samples from various tracks and even includes some samples from N.W.A.’s most controversial song as well as the sequel to that track Sa Prize (Part 2) which was featured on the 100 Miles and Runnin’ EP. The track in my opinion is very good and you have to either be into Hip Hop or the DJ art form in order to truly appreciate this track. Nevertheless, I am thinking of the people of Paris and my thoughts and prayers are with all of them as they try to recover from the horrific events that took place yesterday (November 11, 2015). Check out the track below:


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