john mulaney.pngWe are continuing our theme of checking out new comedy specials from various comedians out there. After all, the end of the year is coming up and we’ll have the next edition of The Monster Entertainment Awards with another Stand Up Special Of The Year Award to give out. The comedian we chose for today is John Mulaney which most of you may not know that he was a writer for Saturday Night Live for a very long time. This time around, he has a brand new comedy special available on Netflix called John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid which was recorded at the world famous Chicago Theater in Chicago, IL. In this special, John tackles all sorts of topics ranging from going too big with nowhere to go, fighting, buying the cow, Marriage, being an altar boy, French Bulldog, training his dog, having kids, Back To The Future, kids rights, smoking weed, regular jobs, and Bill Clinton to name a few in this hilarious special.

john mulaney 2You can tell right from the get-go of this comedy special that John Mulaney is a brilliant writer because every joke of his was smart, funny, relatable, and well articulated. There wasn’t one time during the whole duration of the special that I wasn’t laughing my ass off. He hits with jokes that are very relatable to your life in someway shape or form and you can’t help, but laugh about it. One of my favorite jokes was about buying the cow. He was told by someone why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. He wen off about htis joke and described some funny situations like going to a wedding where someone else is buying the cow and your cow is very upset that you haven’t bought it yet. one of the other jokes that I loved from him was during his long tirade about how kids have more rights then he did when he was just a kid. He talks about the film Back To The Future and what the meeting must have been like when the writers pitched the idea for the film. One point about the film that he makes that he is right about is how do Marty McFly and Doc become friends? It’s something that is never explained to anyone and we just let it be. This is definitely another favorite of mine this year and I strongly recommend that you check it out for yourself. I am giving the special an A for a final grade.


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