dokkenFor this week’s album of the week, I couldn’t believe that I had gone this many reviews without ever doing one for the band Dokken. In my opinion, if they were to make a big four of Hair Metal, I would put Dokken into that conversation with Motley Crue, Ratt, and Quiet Riot. The band was made up of Don Dokken (Vocals), George Lynch (Guitars), Wild Mick Brown (Drums) and newcomer (at the time) Jeff Pilson (Bass). The album I chose for today is the band’s second studio album Tooth And Nail which just happened to be Jeff Pilson’s first album with the band after Juan Crouier left to join Ratt. The album was produced by Tom Werman who had worked with Motley Crue the previous year on Shout At The Devil and Roy Thomas Baker (famous for working with Queen) was the associate producer on the album. When the album was released, it was doing OK on the Billboard Top 200 Charts as it peaked at 78 and 77 at one point, but the band’s Music Videos and tour with the Scorpions helped spike it all the way up to 49 which was as far as it would go.

dokken-21. Without Warning– A very cool instrumental track from the band that helps set the mood for the next track. 4/5

2. Tooth And Nail– This is one of my favorite tracks on the record that is metal as F***. It features fast virtuso riffs and one killer guitar solo from the master George Lynch. 5/5

3. Just Got Lucky– This was the second single the band released off the album with some powerful riffs from Lynch in a track which is about getting used by someone you thought loved you, but you keep getting yourself into it. 4/5

4. Heartless Heart– Another track that starts off with some monstrous power chords in another track about relationships. 4/5

5. Don’t Close Your Eyes– George Lynch opens up the song with some real monstrous riffs and some killer false harmonics thrown in. When it gets to the verse, Jeff Pilson is on call with his cool bass lines. The track almost sounds like they’re talking about Freddy Krueger. 4/5

dokken-36. When Heaven Comes Down– Another killer metal like track from the band with Lynch on fire in this track. 4.5/5

7. Into The Fire– This was the first single off the record that was released and it features some pretty big power chords in the beginning that help set the tone. 5/5

8. Bullets to Spare– Another favorite of mine on the album with a cool bass riff and guitar riff as well with that cool whammy bar effect at one point. The song could be sexual in lyrics, just saying check it out for yourself and this was the 80’s. 4.5/5

9. Alone Again– This was the band’s power ballad about a man’s depression after a breakup. 5/5

10. Turn On the Action– The last track on the record that starts with a real bluesy riff from Lynch before they kick into overdrive. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– This was definitely one of my favorite records from the band that introduced me to the master George Lynch. Dokken was one of the most underrated bands of it’s day because of the fact that they were an album band and not a singles band. If you want to hear great metal and rock, then check out this record from the band. I am going to give the album 4.2 stars out of five for a final grade.



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