As promised here is your second Music Video Of The Week courtesy of everyone’s favorite odd ducklings in Primus. Primus, a band that you can say has carved their own path in music and have never strayed away for fame and fortune. Last year, the band re-imagined the Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory Soundtrack and released it as Primus and the Chocolate Factory With the Fungi Ensemble. No the band has just unveiled a new music video from the album called Candyman and it’s special. I say it’s special because the video is in claymation and it’s super cool. The music video itself follows the struggles of a peppermint candy as it travels through the human who consumed him with Les Claypool making some appearances almost like he is taunting the poor candy. The video is truly amazing and very dark and trippy in nature which makes it all that much better. Definitely check out the video below for yourself and check out Primus on the road next year with Tool which can be seen here.

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