Cover Of The Week: N.I.B. by Danzig

Posted: November 30, 2015 in Cover Of The Week
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Out of all the songs I could have chosen from Danzig’s newest album Skeletons (which also happens to be a covers record),  I chose his cover of the Black Sabbath track N.I.B.. Black Sabbath is one of those bands that has been covered countless times by tons of artists and N.I.B. has been covered numerous times by the likes of White Zombie and Primus, but the Danzig version caught my attention. He skips out on having the bass solo introduction to the track and gets right into the nitty gritty and that is the bass heavy track, toned down guitar doom track itself. I do have to say that Tommy Victor’s guitar playing is quite phenomenal as he adds some cool twangy false harmonics to the track. Glenn Danzig does the right thing on the track by sounding like Glenn Danzig interpreting the track in his own way and it’s very cool. He adds a very evil like tone to the track with his voice and I can dig that. The whole point of covering a song is by adding your own unique twist to it to make it your own. Check out the track below and pick up the album wherever records are sold now.


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