Music Video Of The Week: State Of My Head by Shinedown

Posted: December 3, 2015 in Music Video Of The Week
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This weeks music video of the week comes from one of rock’s biggest bands today in Shinedown. The band released their stellar new album Threat To Survival this year and it shout up to the top of the charts in it’s very first week of release. The band just unveiled their new music video for the song State Of My Head and it’s a kick ass video that will surely motivate anybody. Brent Smith spoke to USA Today about the song State Of My Head saying, “State of My Head’ was actually built around its rhythm, inspired by the bounce of the song and the way the track moves. Usually I write with a melody in mind, but this time, it was more about the flow. We really didn’t have the other instrumentation down — I pretty much wrote it to a drum track. We will always be ‘rock and roll’ to the bone, but this song is a prime example of how we refused to limit ourselves on this album.” In the video, various entertainers, athletes, and others are shown using the song as motivation to push them through their adversities or road blocks like an MMA fighter, Skateboarder, and way too many others to name. Check out the video below:


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