Originally when I wanted to cover something from the awesome and funny film South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut I wanted to select the track Hell Isn’t Good because it featured James Hetfield of Metallica on the track. Unfortunately, if you look at the soundtrack that was released for the film, the song by D.V.D.A (stands for Double Vaginal Double Anal in case you were wondering) and James Hetfield was never released. Instead, they have D.V.D.A. doing the track What Would Brian Boitano Do? Pt. II. If you don’t know who Brian Boitano is, he is a world famous Ice figure skater who competed in the Olympic games and they sing about what would he do as they prepare t break Terrence and Phillip out before they are executed. D.V.D.A. is made up of Trey Parker (Lead Vocals and Keyboards), Matt Stone (Vocals, Drums, and Bass Guitar), Bruce Howell (Guitars), D.A. Young (Keyboards, Vocals), and Nels Dielman (Drums). Check out the track below, obviously check out the movie, and check out the soundtrack while you’re at it you Uncle F***kers!!!


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